Studio Classes




3 pm-4 pm


9 am-10 am

 (Pilates Ouest, Fourqueux)  

20 euros per class

180 euros for a set of 10 classes

Space is limited so do reserve your spot!




Hatha yoga classes


Hatha yoga can be translated as strength and balance yoga.

The postures you will practice will develop not only your strength but also the ability to correct your alignment so as to progress gently.

Some of the benefits that yoga can offer you are: 

   -muscle strengthening

-relaxation of tension

    -an inner state of calm 


Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to already be flexible !


Yoga Class


Zoom classes


9 am-10 am

Contact me for details.

Private classes at home

If you would like to enjoy a 90 minute class in the comfort of your own home, alone or with friends, book a session. 

              Private solo class: 60 euros

         Classes of 2-5 people:  20 euros per person.


Fun at Yoga